Alright, I'm very late, but.... gah.

2010-08-13 21:47:21 by NitroTitan

Hi people. I know I've been extremely dormant for like, the last 1 and half year and so, but.. ffffyh.

I have been giving thought into making episode 5 as I have been improving on my art, animation and story.
So, yeah. Hopefully, I get to work on the 5th episode.. (if you're even still interested).

I may need to rack up some new voice actors and such, maybe, but really, I do want to continue the series.

I am renaming the series to "Desolate Soul" since TITAN NITRO just has a bleugh taste in my mouth nowadays. So, if you liked the old title, I'm sorry, but the new one fits the storyline more.

Titan Nitro TrueSeries

2008-09-08 22:22:37 by NitroTitan

Hey all, I'm going to start uploading my original series, TitanNitro Trueseries onto NG.

Hope ya'll like.

Episode 4 is in the making right now.